White flowers in water colour

IMG_1291I wanted to work more loosely and so I just indicated my flower shape in pencil and then wet the whole page randomly and dropped in my 3 primaries allowing them to mix on the page and run into the petals where they wished.  When dry I applied my 3 primaries once again randomly but not allowing them to flow into the petals this time.  After this layer had dried I looked for shapes of hidden flowers and leaves in the background and added some darker negative painting to highlight these and the daisies.  I then added some shadows,in the daisy petals and stems.


Non waterproof pens

I sorted out my waterproof and non permanent pens and tried out a quick sketch using the water soluble  ones.  The black one was excellent, but tended to dominate the other later colours which were much finer nibs.  I liked the black for quick sketches excellent.IMG_1290

Non-dominant hand watercolour

This was an art challenge for Rentia.  I had to use my non-dominant hand to copy a photograph.  I decided to use watercolour for this and found it particularly challenging as I have not worked portraits in watercolour before.  I found my left hand kept trying to go in the opposite direction and it was very stimulating to accept this challenge.IMG_1287




This was my attempt at painting chiaroscuro in the manner if Rembrandt’s Laughing Man.  Only a limited palette of earth colours could be used.  I have shown four stages in the work.  I found this to be a challenge because:

i haven’t used oil paints in a while

I am fairly new to portrait painting

I had a deadline to meet as I was taking part in Rentia’s Art Challenge

I had never tried chiaroscuro previously


Collage trial work

I have never been successful with collage, but decided to give it another try.  So today I copied an example given by Nita Leland in her collage book.  I adhered the print to thin paper with gloss gel medium and learned that ink will not work on this, so switched to acrylic and had a bit better success.  Still not successful, but will try again.  IMG_1244